Our Story

Dr. Susan Shapcott

I'm not a typical academic -- I played international golf for Great Britain and Ireland and have coached for 20 years. This background gives me a practical perspective to research projects within sports organizations.  

As a coach, I wanted to understand how to motivate my players better. I wanted them to be resilient, I wanted them to be motivated, and I wanted them to feel like they belonged in golf. At the same time, I wanted to grow my business through sound strategies.

My inquisitiveness led me down a research path. I completed a Master's degree in educational psychology and a PhD in education. 

I am a researcher comfortable designing appropriate methods and working with large data sets. I am familiar with social science research around learning, motivation and pedagogy. I aim to help sports organizations embed social science in their policies and practices so they will attain their developmental outcomes. Whatever the problem, I am committed to finding an evidence-based solution.

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